March 24, 2022

NFT Music

$0.99 songs by Apple was the last time I think the music industry saw legit disruption. I think we are on the verge of seeing the next. Streaming today is great for consumers but terrible for the artist. The top 1% of artists receive 90% of all streams and the top 0.8% of these artists earn an average of $50K per year from streaming. Music NFTs are changing the rules of the game, bringing scarcity, total artist control, and a new way for artists to engage their fans through merch or as investors. It's still a very new space, but if you want to take a peek check out Future Tape. They curate the latest web3 music. Think Hypem, but here you can bid to own the song/catalog/etc.  The image is of the Beatles at their first gig at the Cavern.....they were paid £5 Pounds.